Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jam Session

This morning I went strawberry pickin' and got two flats of berries. The results of Strawberry season 2011:

~Three batches of jam (2 strawberry rhubarb and 1 plain strawberry)
~Strawberry shortcake (of course!)
~4 batches of strawberries ready to be made into jam in the freezer
(that way I can make jam in the middle of winter when there isn't any other produce available!)
~2 bags of strawberries individually frozen then bagged for fresh eatin' or baking this winter
~2 big fresh strawberry pies made with a fabulous crust recipe I got from MaryJane's big book
~2 quarts of fresh eating strawberries for my family to snack on this week

The weather this morning was so beautiful for berry picking, it was sunny, a little cloudy, just the right amount of breeze and the temperature was just perfect! Then I got home and my kids were totally amazing little "helpers"! Evelyn had to have her hair up and her little apron on "just like mama" she says. It was the first time she left her hair up! Usually she takes it down right away but today she wanted to be "just like mama". It was the sweetest thing ever. The kids were underfoot, but in a good way today. They played with their toys in the kitchen while I washed, hulled, crushed, made jam, and everything else and if they got bored in the kitchen they went into their room to play with their toys there.

Today I felt like I was finally accomplishing something! It made me feel like it is my dream coming true. One of my favorite songs for years was more like my dream for the future. It is Tim McGraw's "Where the Green Grass Grows". That pretty much summed up what my dreams were for the future. Now I am married, renting a little farm house in the country, 2 kids and one on the way, a nice big garden, some animals (although we are downsizing for the time being in the animal department!). Now I am putting up food. What a great feeling. A worker bee but in a good way, I don't want to work myself to death! I loved the smells of today, the jams, the fresh berries, the way the strawberries smelled up the truck on the drive home. The way the kids "helped" me out by being extra sweet today. The feeling of finishing up hulling the very last berry and looking at the washed dishes drying on the counter waiting to be put away when dried. The way the jars of fresh jam sitting on the counter waiting to  be labeled then stored until ready to use. The way the fresh strawberry shortcake tastes. Oh goodness you can taste the sunshine in each strawberry they are so fresh! I wouldn't have it any other way. I wouldn't want to just buy my jam or strawberries in some tube lightbulb lit store with it's factory smells.

Yes, "I want to live where the good Lord blessed" and I do!

Plus praise the Lord each and every jar sealed!

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