Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holiday Weekend

So far this weekend started out ok but unfortunately went down hill from there. The kids came down with some kind of cold earlier this week and being out later than normal for fireworks, despite the higher than average temperatures, was just too much for the kids. The poor things ended up getting worse and now my husband and I both are coming down with the same thing! We weren't able to get to church this morning because of how sick the kids were. I know they don't like and sometimes even allow sick kids to go to the nursery and it wouldn't have paid to go to church without using the nursery. The kids runny noses wouldn't have let them go to the nursery so we just stayed home and decided to take it easy today since tomorrow will be another hectic/stressful/busy day.
 On our way home from the fireworks on Friday night.
 Evelyn enjoying her hamburger at the freedom fest we went to on Friday.
 Ruger already finished his hamburger!
Evelyn playing with the girls at the freedom fest waiting for the program to start with fireworks to finish!

So today I cleaned up the front porch, it was getting cluttered and totally bugging me. I also got caught up with laundry which is still hanging up on the line. I will bring it all in and fold it tonight or on Tuesday. I hate leaving clean laundry but since it was supposed to rain on Tuesday and I won't be able to do laundry tomorrow I figured I better do it all today even if I can't fold it all!
Tonight I am looking forward to a nice little cookout outside with just the husband and kiddos! We are going to have fire grilled chicken, grilled veggies and of course, smores!!!

Well, time to get back to the kids!
I am so thankful we live in a free country, don't forget what celebrating Independence day is about!

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