Monday, July 11, 2011

Another wonderful day in the country!

Well I am 1/3 done with my Christmas afghan! I started working on the second color now! I am very excited and I am right on schedule so I can enter it into our county fair in August!

My garden is doing wonderful with all this humid weather we have been having, also we have been getting lots of little rain storms which I feel have helped my garden catch up despite the late planting. I am almost caught up with weeding as well and as soon as I am caught up I will post pictures of my fabulous garden!

I had an awful night sleep last night and I really struggled getting up this morning. Hearing my daughter say "mama it's morning" because she wanted to get out of her bed was so cute I managed to get myself together and get up! I love how when I walk into their room I hear "morning mama!!!" Sometimes she even says "morning" after their afternoon nap. It's so cute! I have been going on walks in the mornings to help stay in shape and this morning I am so glad I decided to force myself to go on a walk despite the humidity and despite how awful I felt. I feel wonderful now. A song popped into my head that I couldn't help but hum the tune as we walked. It was "Lord I lift your name on High". Perfect song for today! We saw some black bear sign along the road but I'm sure it was hiding deeper in the swamp to escape the heat and humidity! I brought my camera along this time and took a few pictures.

This winter I decided I would like to take up oil painting again. I do have to finish the oil painting I started last winter so I can enter it into the fair. Probably a good idea for me to get started on that this week so it has plenty of time to dry before the fair! Last year I entered in some paintings and they were dry to the touch but the severe humidity that week made it wet again so I didn't place at all because they said I entered a wet painting in. Oh well. I am new to oil painting and I had no idea that oil paint can become wet again! Lesson learned!

The rest of today I am going to work in my garden, work on my afghan and of course my favorite part : Be a mommy!!!
The biggest blessings in life usually come in small packages!

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