Thursday, July 7, 2011

Milk, Meat and Potatoes

 Last night I made my first BakeOver!!! I had some leftover hamburger that I fried up with some potatoes. I also chopped up two roma tomatoes that were starting to get over ripe on my counter so I threw them in too. I felt it was still missing something so I started thinking I was I had some fresh squash then I realized I had one bag of frozen beans from the garden I had two years ago left in the freezer! I put half a quart of beans in, put the crust on top and cooked in my big cast iron pan. It turned out great! I made some gravy and served it with gravy on the side. At first my husband didn't look to thrilled, as he had never seen anything like it before, but after he got a taste of it he had a few helpings! It was good for lunch today too!

This morning I went on a nice walk with the kids down the road and back, not quite sure how long it is. I will clock the distance a little later when the kids get up from their nap. It was such a beautiful day and oh the smells of summer were just wonderful! Cedars, pines, "weeds", sumac, the grass all made a wonderful aroma. It hardly felt like exercise this morning! 

So far today I crocheted 6 more diamonds but now I need a break, now that I am exactly half way done with one of three colors!!! I have a little headache so I am going to make some green iced tea (just hot tea steeped, then after steeping I pour over ice and voila!) and I have to get outside and do some organizing of some of our outdoor items. I want to have a big rummage sale this summer yet and I still have to get through some stuff before I can set up shop. I'd really like to have it sometime in August. Well I just remembered I have to make some phone calls yet today so I have to go out and organize before the kids get up because I can take care of the inside stuff when they get up before we all head back outside. 

I long to have a break in "paradise" (which in my terms is anywhere but here) but for now I will consider my backyard paradise until we can go on a little mini-cation to get away for a little while!

As for the milk part of my post I don't have time today. Dr. Mercola has an article on his website about that fda and milk thing going on so you can find that article there.

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