Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Farmer's Market and Coffee

This morning started out absolutely awful.  But the rest of the day has been turning out absolutely wonderful! Thank you Jesus! I took the kids and we had to get diapers (another reason I want to switch to cloth, no more store runs for dipes!) Then we went to the farmer's market in town.

My new love is the farmer's market! I want to go every week and see what is new! I got 2 nice sweet basil plants for a $1 each and I can start picking from them right away they are so nice! (My herbs are not doing well at all, I doubt I will get to use them this summer so I need backups!)

I also got a huge bag of lettuce for $1 and a nice bunch of kohlrabi for $1! Kohlrabi is new to us, we never had it before so I figured for $1 why not give it a try, I hear how healthy it is but it was always so expensive (in a regular store) so I didn't want to risk wasting the little money we have even though I love trying new things. This way it's a $1 and if we don't like it at least I can give it to the chickens and for a $1 it would be like buying my birds a treat!

After the farmer's market I splurged big time and bought myself a coffee and the kids each a cookie. We sat in the coffee shop while I sipped on my coffee and the kids ate their cookies. I took some pictures but I will have to wait to upload them later. I am just so excited about the farmer's market! I hope I can get more people to go, you can save money, support local people, basically it really supports the local economy! Plus you can't get greener by purchasing food grown only a few miles away instead of from importing from another country or even across our own country! Fresh from the vine means fresh from the vine at the farmer's market!!!! Try it, you'll like it!

Well if I get to go to the farmer's market each week I can guarantee you I won't be stopping in at the coffee shop each week, this was the second time this year I made the splurge at the coffee shop and I just can't see doing that each week. Maybe once a month but no more! Well, time to get to house cleaning and laundry so I don't get too far behind this weekend whatever we end up doing!
~Livin the country life~

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