Friday, July 15, 2011

Pure. Simple. Healthy.

After reading the article from the new issue of MaryJanesFarm magazine I got quite disturbed. Not sure if it is because I am pregnant right now or not but this whole issue of GM corn shouldn't be just affecting pregnant women and their growing babies.

This whole Bt thing is overboard. There are not enough studies to prove to me that my growing baby will not suffer consequences in the years to come. This is too new! Why does Canada and Europe constantly find this stuff out when our country seems to want to sweep it under the rug.

If there is one thing that I absolutely must have is organic corn from now on. Sure, we eliminated corn syrup from our diets by about 95% (some still manages to sneak in so I can't say 100%) but what good does that do if we continue to eat corn products? They manage to sneak in corn and corn syrup into so many crazy things its ridiculous and quite sad. Corn is king but shouldn't have to have/be Bt or GM. I wish more people would realize that playing with your health isn't safe and why not stick to what is known?

I'm no "expert" in politics but I sure am an expert when it comes to finding out what is good and wholesome and healthy for me and my family. GM corn (and other gm foods) just don't have a place in my home. Sorry big money I will stick to what was good for my ancestors.

Pure. Simple. Healthy.

Healthy kids, healthy family all come from healthy food.


As for me and my house we will eat organic corn.


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