Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coconut: Let me count the ways. . .

Today I was craving fudge so bad I decided to take things into my own hands. I knew I could find a good tasting HEALTHY fudge. I remember hearing a friend of mine say she made fudge with coconut oil. I love coconut products because of how much healthier they are and they help me burn fat! So I did a search and after looking through a few recipes I decided to just do the simplest one. 

Yes, only THREE ingredients make this wonderful fudge! For those of you who have had Mackinac Island fudge this is not like that. The texture is lighter and it melts in your mouth like a dessert chocolate and has a deeper darker chocolate flavor which I just adore! While I still say Mackinac Island fudge is the best I will be making this kind of fudge here at home! 

Here is the recipe which I tweaked and will call 
"Simply Fudge"
1 cup coconut oil (I used room temp since it is not solid since we don't have air conditioning)
1 cup cocoa powder
1/2-1 cup honey (depending on taste, I used 1/2 cup)

Blend everything in the blender, pour into pan (I didn't grease it because of the coconut oil in the recipe) and put in the refrigerator until hardened. 

Can't get simpler than that! 

Coconuts are so good for us. I feel they are even better for us here than where they come from! Mostly because we need that type of fat in our diets here in the US. I was craving coconut water and lo and behold my favorite store in a tiny little community (I have to drive 20 minutes just to get there!) sell fresh young coconut! Well of course I bought one! I can't even get one from the big name brand grocery stores from a store an hour from my house! Imagine getting something so healthy and luscious so close to home! Well I got home, cut the top off and in went a straw... YUM! culinary heaven! I let my kids try it too, Evelyn wasn't too sure she liked it but she did ask for more a few times but my Ruger man couldn't get enough! I did some looking online about the benefits of coconut water. It is a better source of electrolytes than the sugary sports drinks in the stores! Not to mention there is something in coconut water (I can't remember without looking up the webpage again) that is similar to mother's milk! How neat is that?! I felt so revived after the hot day after drinking some coconut water. I hope that store keeps selling them! I sure will buy them! 

Coconut flavored tea is amazing too. I saw they have coconut milk creamer in the store (that I got the coconut from) so I will have to try that! It pays to do some research and find out how buying one thing can save you so much money, because of all the uses you can get out of just one thing. Now that is smart buying if you ask me! Butter prices have gone sky high so I have been using more of my coconut oil up. 

My next post will be on raw milk and how the FDA wants to outlaw it and how they are raiding farms (even Amish ones!) at gunpoint. Is it not our right to choose our food? Why can the FDA allow these awful by products and ingredients and junk food to be eaten by us, but not raw milk? Will they outlaw fresh vegetables next because of all the salmonella poisonings? This is scary business everyone. This is something I need to look into more. It pays to be well educated no matter where you live. Country or City we the people need to learn more about what we eat and what we do and what is going on around us or other people will dictate to us what, where,when and "why" we do things. 

A quote I heard today that made me think:
"Marriage isn't about finding the right person, it's about doing the right things".

12 more diamonds crocheted today! 1/3 done with one color and 2 more colors to go!

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