Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Leaving Ur

The past few weeks I have been struggling with the thought of moving. My husband's heart is out west and I went to go visit him out there at the ranch he worked at so I could see what it's like out west too. I loved it but I live near the Great Lakes and I just love the lakes.

I love the history, the smells, the weather, the fish, oh goodness I just love the great lakes!

Well after much prayer I have not been so against moving out there although I know it will be hard on me. My husband wants to move in the worst way because that is where he feels most at home, the great lakes area is where I feel most at home. Well I am willing to try it out.

Today in my devotional time I realized that instead of constantly pushing for an itinerary for my life sometimes I just need to trust in God and let Him work out His will and His itinerary for my life and just trust Him.

Then God brought the story of Abraham and how he left his home country of Ur to go to God's land, which was completely foreign to Abraham. Knowing that is God's will for his life he leaves, without actually knowing why he needs to go. But the point is he trusts in God and he leaves his home country and he was blessed greatly, more so than if he just would have let his home get in the way of God working in his life.

My thoughts are that I need to leave my "Ur" and trust in God. After my prayer time I had the best peace ever knowing that if we really do move that it will be God's will and if it really is God's will then He will provide for us, and work everything out for us.

Oh how much better I feel knowing this!


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