Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day, Projects and more

Independence Day was a busy day. The radio stations played great patriotic music, and also gave some history which was really nice to hear on the radio!

No parades for us this year, I am pretty heartbroke about that. We were able to see two rounds of fireworks this year and no matter how "small" they are seeing the kids reactions made them big to me! I'm sure they were the coolest thing ever for the kids! Especially little man!

On our way down for a 2 hour trip to see my husband's extended family I started a new crochet project. I am making a Christmas afghan and my goal is to have it completed by the end of the month so I can make two baby quilts and start on a squash blossom quilt as my first official quilt. I do like the log cabin pattern too but I would make it in two shades of blue with a yellow underside.

Today I am struggling with a cold so I am taking more vitamin c to help me get over it. I have so much stuff I need to do. I need to catch up with house cleaning, I have half the garden left to weed and get looking nice and spiffy again and I want to do some more organizing in the house and in the yard. By the end of the month I want this place looking nice and spiffy at least on the outside. I am giving myself until Sept/Oct to get the inside all organized and decorated. I figure if I can have the entire house organized and decorated by the time this new baby comes then I can sit down and nurse the baby without having the housework nagging me, or a bare wall that needs a photo or picture or something bugging me to cover it to make it homey in here. I'm tired of the plain look so I need to get out to the thrift stores and figure out what exactly I want to do. I'm torn between two "themes" for the living room and also for my bedroom.  The kids room is probably the best room in the house regarding how decorating is going as I already have the barn animal theme. The back room needs to be painted because the previous occupants had a NASCAR theme and the walls are painted red and white with black (yes BLACK) trim. I want to paint it yellow with white trim (oh joy for me!) and put some nice lacey curtains up and hang my beach pictures up. The kitchen is going to be red gingham with either cherries, barns or cows. I do have a few chickens left from my old house that I have put in my kitchen but I don't want a chicken kitchen. I think I am going to do a farm kitchen with cherries, barns, cows and a few other farm animals. I hate clutter so to me less is more so I want to chose my decorative pieces carefully so they have to be the right ones.

The entry room/mud room is deer and I have a few things in that room but I need to get that old piano into the garage so I can repurpose it. Right now it is half taken apart and taking up space and making it look like a mess in that room and since that is the first room people see upon entry into my house I sure don't want them to get the wrong idea about me!

My bedroom is torn between the color blue, brown and yellow. I love yellow, especially in the winter time. It makes things seem more warm and sunny. I don't know the theme either, I was thinking western/horses but I love the beach so that is there in my thoughts as well.

As for the main living/dining room I was going to go with a cabin/northwoods/mountains/elk theme but this is an old farmhouse and I'm thinking more along the lines of the way my Great Grandma may have decorated. Since my bathroom is Moose/canoes/ maple leaves I think I will keep that cabiny look to the deer entry way and the bathroom.

Well I have to get started on my busy day despite having the cold. Today is a good day to do the dishes, put the kids down for a nap and after I put the laundry away I can work on my afghan. Then later on I will go for a walk and then get working on dinner. Fitting animals chores in sometime in the middle.

Chuggin away at another hot, summer, country day!

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