Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Beauty of Summer

This picture is going to be printed and hung on my wall! I took this on Monday while we were on our morning walk.
This picture I took in my garden when the sun was starting to get low in the sky. I actually had to extend my trellis for my beans because I forgot how tall those pole beans can get!
This picture is of my daughter's beloved cat "Bobby" who was sunning himself on my husband's old Mercedes.

I call this picture Tiny Dancer because the dandelion seed looks like a ballerina, as does the other flower, which the name escapes me at this minute.

These are my potato flowers, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture when they were first blossoming so I missed the whole beauty of them, but they were still such a pretty color I had to take a picture anyway! Potatoes have surprisingly beautiful flowers!

My blackberry blossoms in the morning dew, this picture makes me want a nice cup of warm coffee and a blanket. If it were only cooler :)

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