Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Halfway through another week already! I forgot I wanted to get to Aldi right away in the morning to get some of their new specials but I'm not up to taking the kids out by myself right now. I still am pretty overtired and stiff, and just not feeling like my normal self yet. I should be getting my new supplements in today or tomorrow, I will be so thankful when I can start feeling normal again! Pregnant but normal will be so welcome!

I am starting a Cal/Mag/Zinc supplement, Flax seed oil, and milk thistle to support my body during pregnancy. This is my third pregnancy in three years so I'm sure my body is just completely zapped. I'm sure after a week or two I should start feeling better again! Plus it will be nice when I can start harvesting things from my garden! Nothing like fresh out of the garden, oh I can't wait!

Yesterday I made a homemade casserole from noodles I had on hand, a can of cream of mushroom soup, can of milk and a pack of venison from two years ago that mysteriously showed up in my freezer! If I knew that was there I would have cooked it a long time ago!!! It was a blessing that I could make it last night though. It was almost 2 pounds of stew meat. I fried it up with an onion and a few cloves of garlic and some special steak seasoning I use for venison then I cooked the noodles, drained them. I mixed the cream of mushroom soup and milk together, put the noodles in my 8x11 pan put in the venison then poured the cream of mushroom soup over top and mixed well. Covered with aluminum foil and put in the oven at 350 until nice and hot. About 15-30 minutes depending on how hot you want it. Oh, before I put in the oven I put some fresh ground pepper, some Montreal Steak seasoning and a little garlic salt on top THEN I put in the oven :)

It turned out so delicious! The whole family liked it, and since I seasoned it just so something that would have been plain and bland was turned into a super easy, harmonious comfort food casserole perfect for a chilly rainy day! Score one for mommy!!! :) I love those moments when simplicity and harmony come together. Love it!

Today I am just going to do what I do best and during the kids nap I will get to finish chores outside and also hopefully finish the head band for the crochet hat I started. I am so excited that I am actually making something other than an easy pattern scarf! I like being intermediate! It means I am progressing in my crochet quest! I would love to make a nice Christmas afghan to enjoy this winter season. Especially with a new baby I think it would be nice to have some nice afghans around the house. They are so festive (especially in red,white,green) and easy decorations to make your house look like Christmas. I should probably get started soon but I need to learn more skills as a crocheter first! After this hat I think I may just start one. It won't hurt to start! I did find some Intermediate/Expert patterns that actually said "intermediate/expert" so maybe that means it is the next step! Well off to spend some time with the kiddos!

Enjoy the day!

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