Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catching my breath for June!

June 1st: Yesterday was fabulous. The first day of June also marked the first June bug in the house. Yep, that time of year again!

June 2: Today is a nice cool day, with a slight breeze! I have a bunch of parties coming up starting the 10th so I need to get my house in order. I am busy organizing, getting rid of stuff we don't use, and then I can start decorating the house! I still don't feel "moved in" even after we moved here after Thanksgiving. Even though the weather is beautiful I need to buckle down and work inside but also allow plenty of time for outdoor work.

I tell myself it will be worth it to have an organized house once the preserving season really kicks off with the strawberries in a few weeks! We already have rhubarb and asparagus is just starting to kick off too.

So far this year I made a double batch of Violet Jelly and a single batch of Dandelion Jelly. Both recipes used liquid pectin and both recipes turned out! I did notice that (maybe it is just me) liquid pectin sets up nice but it is a more store bought jelly type setting compared to a harder powdered pectin set up. Maybe it was just me. I'm happy with the results either way!

I want to run a jar of violet and dandelion to the neighbors across the road from us. I have met them indirectly but I would like to formally introduce myself and my family to them. I would like to get to know my neighbors!

Our rhubarb plants are still pretty young, I can tell by how they are producing. I was able to make a few fresh things (a pie, and coffee cake) but I need to find another source that I can put some in the freezer to wait until strawberries come into season so I can make strawberry rhubarb jam AND jelly :) I also really would like to make rhubarb jelly but I need to organize my house first for the parties! No excuses on getting side tracked to craft or work in the kitchen :)

We have all the seeds in the garden planted and now this weekend I am planning on putting in my tomato, pepper, and melon plants in the garden. I was going to do that today but after talking to my uncle (who has lived in this area for years) said we could still get a frost until June 7. After about June 7 its guaranteed not to have a killing frost in this area. Considering we moved next door to them I should probably take his advice! Or risk being disappointed if a frost does come. We are getting a cold spell the next few days so I will just wait!

My kids are growing like weeds! Although I'm 17 weeks along now with baby #3 I'm not showing yet. No baby belly yet for me. I noticed yesterday for the first time that my pants are starting to fit a little differently now so I won't be surprised if I start showing in the next few weeks. My guess and gut feeling is that the baby is a girl because I'm carrying high and in. Just like I did with my daughter. I carried our son low and out and goodness I couldn't button my pants by month 3! I had to use the hair tie trick and long shirts!

We find out the gender (hopefully!) on the 28th. Then maybe we can know for sure! Well the munchkins are done eating breakfast so I need to get off the computer, get the kiddos occupied and start cleaning "with them"!

June looks to be like a crazy busy month and I am looking forward to it! I love sharing the outside world with my kids, they love being outside and having cookouts and eating dinner outside. It's wonderful we get to pass that on to our kids!


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