Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thrifty Surprises!

Today I finally got to get out and about. We went grocery shopping then stopped at the local thrift store! I now have plates in my house! How I got through over 3 years of marriage with just 5 random plates I just don't know! Now I have a set of 6 and a double set of 4 (4 large and 4 salad).

 I FINALLY found some gelatin molds!!! I got the lobster one I had hoped to find for the past year and also a grapes mold.  I am so excited to finally try my hand at some old fashioned gelatin mold recipes not to mention there are a whole bunch of yummy looking recipes from MaryJanesFarm that I am itchin' to try as well!!! I have some ChillOver powder now I can actually try it out! So exciting!!! Perfect find for a spring day!

I also came across some sewing supplies that I have needed for a while and I'm glad I held out because I got them at 1/4 the price of brand new! It was worth the wait for sure!!! I also came across a plain glass latte mug and at 50 cents I couldn't resist it was so pretty and I knew it would be lovely to drink out of, especially this summer with iced coffee and iced teas!!! 

I am very excited with my thrift store surprises!!! I am very excited to eat off real dinner plates tonight and I will enjoy the ham casserole even more than usual as it will be served on real dinner plates! Yay! Can't wait for the casserole to be done!!! My house is slowly starting to feel more like "home". Slowly but surely I will finally have that homey feeling to my house all while being thrifty!!!

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