Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Leftovers many ways

Today I am thinking about ham.

In general I do not prefer pork products as they usually upset my stomach but I do "stomach" them on occasion. 

Holidays are one of those occasions. 

We had a nice sized ham this past weekend and only ate about 1/5 of it so I have a lot of ham leftover. I just can't stand ham sandwiches and pea soup so long before creativity takes over to remove the dreaded boredom of a meal.

Tonight we are having breakfast for dinner. In other words scrambled eggs and ham skillet! 

I've also thought of scalloped potatoes and ham, a ham version of shepherds pie,  ham pot pie, a version of chili with cubed ham instead of red meat, I'm sure a ham pasta salad wouldn't be too bad either for a side dish or even for lunch one day.

Some more thoughts I have had which I haven't fully developed yet are a way to make leftover ham roast into something more mexican type like tacos,burritos kind of thing with leftover ham. That would be a nice way to spice things up a bit. I'm sure there are many more good things but as of now that is what I have thought up and developed. Now that I am talking about food I'm thinking Greece. A nice warm gyro sounds absolutely fabulous to me right now but alas we are having scrambled eggs with ham  and yes, I am going to put salsa on my portion!


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