Thursday, April 19, 2012

'Tis the season!

Yes, it is here!
Gardening season!!!

The rest of this week and coming weekend I'm going to get my garden worked up, compost added, another compost pile started and some plants planted!

I will start with potatoes. I'm going to plant potatoes in barrels this year. It looks so easy and a lot more space friendly which I am all about as I have a small garden. I decided to go with 4 barrels, one in each corner of my garden. I will try some different varieties to find out which one my family likes the best and which one stores the best for me.

I have a bunch of strawberry plants I am waiting to plant and I am going to be "natural-scaping" with them. I'm thinking along the woods line would be perfect as they will have room to grow back in the woods.

Last year I tried growing garlic for the first time and I didn't think I was successful. . . but there it is! One of the first beautiful green things growing in my garden! Along with a lone kale plant I tried growing last year as well!!! How exciting!!! I am going to plant more garlic all around the house to help keep rodents away once I re-mulch the landscaping. I'm also going to intermingle some herbs around the house so it will be beautiful, useful and multipurpose all at once!

I also am going to plant a bleeding heart plant but I am not sure where I want to put it yet. I have a few places in mind but the perfect one just didn't pop out at me yet.

I have some blueberries that I want to plant too and I have just the perfect place for them. I like to landscape as natural as possible so the yard will look nice but wild and natural at the same time.

I already planted some day lilies, lily of the valley's and gladiolas and last year I planted tulips and lupine. The tulips came up beautifully but I haven't seen any of the lupine as of yet.

I'm also going to get the garden dirt prepared to plant in a few weeks year and I'm adding tons of beautiful compost. I am going to start two more compost piles so I have plenty to use next year as well.

The weather forecast is a few inches of random mid-spring snow but it's just white fertilizer! It won't hurt anything I have already planted and plan to plant this weekend.

I just love the busy planting season and I am so excited to see the beauty of my labor at the end of the year!

Now off to get busy because I have to fit in my run yet today!

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