Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to Basics 2.0

I've really missed our farm lifestyle back in Wisconsin. So I decided to take action instead of waiting until we are able to buy a place of our own. Who knows when that will be and I don't want my littles to miss out on learning farming and living off the land kind of things!

This weekend I decided to make homemade jerky. We had some meat in the freezer that was starting to get freezer burnt so that was my candidate roast for jerky. I made a simple sugar/ liquid aminos brine and let that sit over night in the sliced meat and I've been making it in batches in the oven since my dehydrators are MIA since moving across country. Since that would be an extra, not budgeted expense, the oven will have to make do for now, and it is!

Lets just say the kids had a blast helping me throughout the jerky process, learning how it works and eating the finished product!

Last night I whipped up a non-recipe venison stew with a should roast. I put the whole thing in there so I could get some "good stuff" from the bones stewing in the pot. It has potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, vegetable broth, my seasonings, a few canned jalapeno peppers, black beans, and I think thats about it for now. I might add some chopped kale to it about 45 minutes before I serve it tonight.

Yeah, I make soup the day before I serve it. I think it tastes better that way! It just lets everything meld together like a fine tuned orchestra of tastes! The perfect harmony in a bowl, if you will!

At any rate, going Back to Basics 2.0 has begun with the jerky making!

My next project is purging and organizing with sewing and embroidery work to begin after that!

I'm super excited for going back to the land and utilizing whatever I can to make my Back to Basics work! Even if I have to garden in pots and keep a chicken as a "pet"!

(our rooster Brooks with Wilma the white hen and a few other of our layers from our WI farm days)

Dreamin' of the Farm,

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