Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Definition of Permaculture:
 *Permaculture, noun
"the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient".

That is SO neat!!!

How did I not know about permaculture until this year?!

The little I have learned so far about permaculture simply makes sense. It just works.

I mean, this goes way beyond a Victory Garden, it's actually intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

As I learn more about permaculture, the more I desire to "grow" a sustainable homestead to pass on to my future generations (as in my kids, grandkids, so on and so forth).

I'm so glad winters are lengthy here to give me more time to read up on and learn more about this noun called Permaculture.

My goal this year is to soak up more information so when we get our own property some day, I can begin on day one to head towards a sustainable homestead. A homestead where my kids could even live off, if they desire, with their future families. Not in a weird way, but in an awesome family helping family way. (Kind of thinking of the Kilcher family in Alaska and their homestead, I'd LOVE to have a homestead setup like that for my family).

Anyway, I'd encourage everyone to look it up and learn a little bit more about permaculture and expand your horizons and stabilize a healthy future for the generations to come!

Cool beans!


*I got this definition of Permaculture by doing a Google search on "definition of permaculture" and that is what came up.

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