Saturday, January 10, 2015


Casseroles are classic, easy, but sometimes they receive a bad rap.

A few nights ago I made a casserole and caught myself calling it "poorman's casserole".

I stopped and thought about it right after it came out of my mouth and I thought, "wait, why?!".

Why would I call it poorman's casserole? Sure, I used only what I had left on hand but why would I equate that with poorness instead of, lets say, resourcefulness, smart cooking, money wise?

I remembered a question I asked my mom years ago when I was growing up. "Mom, are we poor?". I was about first grade age when I asked that. I won't forget her response. "It depends on what you consider poor.".


"It depends on what you consider poor." 

Then I remembered thinking to myself " well, I don't think we're poor, so I guess that means we aren't poor!".


It's that word again: Perception.

So after all this thinking and reminicing, I decided my casserole was not "poorman's casserole" but "richman's casserole".

Instead of running off and carting four littles to the grocery store to spend money, I used what I had on hand to come up with a very delicious, hot meal!

Now, what is "poor" about that?


Cook on, my friends and stay sunny-side-up, hard boiled is no way to live life!


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