Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gardening: Eden Revisited

This winter I have been pouring over gardening methods.

 "Back to Eden" by Paul Gautschi is really interesting. So interesting, I implore you to check it out online here. 

After all the research I've done regarding human health, this gardening method is strikingly based on the same concepts of human health! It just makes sense that soil and our bodies would be similar, seeing how they are organic!!!

The soil, in an anaerobic environment, is easily compacted and eventually becomes "sick"(loss of nutrients).

Our bodies, when under stress due to the fight or flight response, become oxygen deprived temporarily. (Eventually it can be longer if we stay stressed for long periods of time, creating sickness, like in the soil). I often think of botchulism in homecanned goods, that have been improperly handled. If the seal's been compromised and the good stuff is gone, then botchulism just grows, grows, grows. (A far cry from a perfect analogy, but it'll do for now.)

It's quite striking, to me, how the principles of health in organic things are so closely related.

Gardening with woodchips struck me as so simplistic, it gave me the "why didn't I think of that?!" response!

Another concept that struck me as interesting is that as we are on this journey of life, as long as we keep an "open", learnable mind, we grow! Once we close our minds with"this is the right, only way", that is the moment we stop learning. 

Honestly, I thought I had gardening figured out, but this was mind blowing. 

The method in the movie, has given me full confidence that I can have a gorgeous orchard and ginormous garden in my new altitude and climate! I'm SO pumped for gardening this year!!! So pumped, I'm going to come up with an actual name for my garden instead of "the garden". It's so cool, it deserves it's own name!!!

~happy dance~

So, check out the movie, you don't have to agree with everything said in it (like all things in life) but it sure is an interesting concept to garden this way!

I'm just aching to get our own land so I can plant an orchard that my future generations will be able to fully enjoy!!! 

Garden on, my friends, garden on!

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  1. How ironic to read this about your new way of gardening!
    My neighbor just started spreading wood chips in her lawn and garden area!
    I love to use the way! Amazing and with no rotor tilling and little dirt. Blew me away with my first year of a 10x50 ft garden growing so much.