Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Clichefully Truthful

"Life's a Journey"

Yeah, no kidding! 

No, really! 

Think about it.... Life - is - a - journey.

We all know what life is and we all know what a journey is. 

Just think about a journey, though, and what do you think of? 

A Destination? The process of going somewhere? Palm trees? Growing? 

I think it's a little of all of those things.

Today, I was reflecting on the word organic. (Tomorrow's post will be on the subject of Organic).

My thoughts rippled out until they hit the side of the cliche, "Life's a Journey". 

When I started gardening, it was very traditional, follow me:

Tilling, perfectly straight rows, sow in a trench, cover said trench up, water, weed some, water some more, maybe fertilize with a conventional fertilizer, then possibly spraying for beetles, harvest, till everything back up and repeat in the spring. 

Then, as the years went on, I discovered heirloom seeds, natural fertilizers, manual pest control- read, picking the bugs off- and crop rotation to help prevent pests.

Further along I discovered companion planting, intensive "square foot" gardening, native (three sister) type gardens, pot gardens, organic, open pollinated, heirloom, saving seeds for myself, and most recently permaculture.

I look back and when I started gardening, I started a journey that isn't over with yet! 

The key here is that I started! I started a journey, without my knowing, and it's taken me to some really cool places, meeting really cool people and it all boils down to this: It doesn't begin or end at gardening.

Every facet of my life (and yours!) is part of a journey. I have several different hobbies and despite the differences in them, they are intertwined because they are all different aspects of the journey I'm on as I live life.

This applies to everyone. Until today, I didn't realize the garden journey I've been on for over a decade now. I guess I have been "savoring the journey" without even realizing I was on a journey! I was just living life. Therefore, "Life's a journey" is a right on cliche. 

Love it!

So, my friends, garden on and live your journeys to the fullest!


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