Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Organic: Label or Lifestyle

Definition of organic:
of, relating to, or derived from living matter.
(Again, I did a google search of "definition of organic".)

Walking into just about any store, you'll find a special "organic" section.

Lately, I've been hearing lots of talk about what truly defines food or other products as "organic".

I also hear the term as the definition above states, as "organic", in fact, I use it often!

Holding a newborn baby (or any newborn for that matter), just feels "organic".

Working in a flower or vegetable garden feels "organic".

Touching a stone from the river's side or lake side feels "organic".

Picking a sun ripened tomato and tasting the natural balance of sweet and acidic feels "organic".

Living a simple life style feels "organic".

Camping can even feel "organic"!

Touching an heirloom quilt or home sewn toddlers dress feels "organic".

Watching chickens pluck, hearing birds sing in the morning's first light, watching the sun rise and set, hearing/feeling the wind whisper the air, all of these feel "organic".

So, since Organic is such a buzzword today, what really is organic? Well, lets take a look at the definition, it is an adjective; a description word.

The term "organically grown" is actually a synonym of sorts.

If we consider that the word organic means "derived from living matter", then it obviously came from or is alive, considering a tomato plant, lets just say, is obviously living matter. A tomato coming from this said tomato plant is organic. It is grown from, derived from living matter.

Okay, so lets say one tomato plant was grown with chemical fertilizers and/or pesticides and one was just by its lonesome in them middle of a random pasture or somewhere. Both are "technically" organic, coming from/derived from living matter....

However, now the term pertains to food and products grown without any chemicals. Totally fine, language and culture do that to words, phrases and objects, don't be a "panty-waist", look it up sometime!

Considering the current trend in organic things, I've begun to look past the trendy-ness of this new hip, buzzword and see it as an actual life style.

Maybe organic could be synonymous with peace, gentle, simple, and maybe others.

When I say I want to live an "organic lifestyle", it brings a vivid picture of old fashioned ways, manners, class, living off the land, community, homemade and homegrown, small business, resourcefulness, classically educated, healthiness (like Grandma's healthy elixir she made herself). I think of longevity, family, root beer floats, popcorn, pickles, walks in the creek, making a corn stalk tipi, fresh flowers on the table in summer time, homemade gifts, berry pickin', homemade preserves, Grandma's famous pies and cooking baby panny cakes.

To me, that is what organic means. It means so much more than a meaning of food and products devoid of chemicals. It's a way of life. A state of being and "savouring the moment".

Since the word organic is just an adjective, it can mean anything you'd like it to mean as well!

What does organic mean to you? Is it a label or a lifestyle?


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