Monday, February 6, 2012

Cookies and Diapers

These are some GFree chocolate chip cookies! They tasted fabulous! I won't lie, they are a GF box mix and I totally have an explanation for those that know I prefer "from scratch"! Since I'm new too GF cooking I am still in the learning stages of how GF batter feels like. Good thing I bought a box mix before I tried using my flours to try out a GF chocolate cookie recipe I found. I would have ended up with stones! GF batter really is a lot different than regular gluten containing flour. I'm thankful that they sell box mixes because now that I understand what chocolate chip cookie batter looks and feels like I know my GF "from scratch" cookies will turn out! Yay!!!

Now on to diapers. One of my friends posted a picture about diapers and it was so incredible I just had to share what it said. It compared Cloth diapers to Disposable diapers. It was titled "If Diapers Had Ingredient Lists"... Here is what it said:
Cloth Diapers Ingredients: Cloth
Disposable Diaper Ingredients: Polypropylene Plastic, Bleached Paper Pulp, Petrolatum, Hot Melts(glue), Cellulose Tissue, Perfume, Sodium Polyacrylate(can cause skin irritations and severe allergic reaction), Dioxin(listed as one of the most toxic off all cancer causing chemicals),Tributyl-tin(TBT)(known to cause hormonal problems).


I have no idea who to credit for this information as it was third party on facebook but I thank who ever came up with the Diaper Ingredient list. It better explains why cloth is healthier AND safer for kids.

Well anyway I'm going to go enjoy my freshly made GFree cookies!

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