Thursday, February 2, 2012

Resulting in Chocolate

First of all I'm not dieting to lose weight. I'm just making healthy food choices while I'm nursing resting in the fact that someday I will be able to get back into shape even though I'm already pre baby weight, that doesn't mean anything if you are out of shape and can't fit in your clothes, haha. Since going gluten free I lost 2 pounds without doing anything else, just cutting gluten from my diet. I went through my dresser because I put on my jeans and they were too big so I went to get another pair and they were too big too! So up to the attic I go to get my "skinny" jeans out- you know the ones that you wore before baby, before marriage and can't wait to get back into after having the baby... Well I kept some of my favorite pants NEVER thinking I would ever wear them again even though it was my ultimate goal to get back down to my pre baby, pre marriage weight. I made it down to my pre baby weight and couldn't fit into the jeans so I put them back in the attic. Now I'm down to my pre marriage weight and didn't think I could fit into them today and I almost didn't try them on... but I held my breath and fit right into them perfectly. Didn't even have to do the "chubby" dance to get them on!

I was ecstatic! No exercise. Just making correct food choices (not worrying about portion control because of the healthy food choices) and breastfeeding. I'm sure being a mom of 3 kids under 3 helps as well as cutting gluten from my diet helps too!

At any rate I'm there! Now I just have to get my lungs back into shape this summer. I miss running. I loved running. 

Tonight for a treat, mostly for celebration of getting down to my ultimate goal I wanted some brownies. I know, I know- kind of crazy to eat something sweet in celebration of meeting a weight loss goal BUT I do think I deserved it. I worked hard for it. No, I am not going to splurge but I can indulge a little bit and I did. I enjoyed every single little bite. I made GF brownies and they were so amazing no regular brownie could ever have been. I should know. I am the chocolate queen. I love anything chocolate. In fact, I'd like to try chocolate wine. I think eating it with some cheese and strawberries would be divine. Imagine for V-day? Chocolate wine, a white cheese and strawberries?! Oh, now that is what I'm talking about!

My advice is patience, hope and while keeping the ultimate goal in mind celebrate the little milestones along the way because it shortens the distance from where you have been to where you want to be!
I <3 Chocolate

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