Friday, February 10, 2012

The end of the beginning. . .

Now doesn't that sound profound?! Well it should. It's only common sense speaking!

Let me explain. So everyone knows I'm nursing my new baby. If you didn't know that you do know! As my baby is growing I've noticed nursing changing for us. She is more active when she nurses and nursing under the cover of a blanket is soon going to be a no go for us. With summer coming I knew those days were going to end soon enough anyways.

So enter the search for handy nursing clothes. After a few hours exhaustively searching the internet I ended up talking to my husband about it. With so much controversy over breastfeeding in public I don't want to be a prude (per se, depending on your definition of prude) about it or crude (I think everyone knows what crude is) about it. I do want to say that breastfeeding is NOT a sexual act and shame on people like that store owner who called in a lady nursing her baby as performing a sexual act on a child. People like that should be put into a house for contentedly ignorant people.

Ok enough with ranting, back on to explaining where I am going. What it all comes down to while it is my right to breastfeed in public I want to be as discreet as possible. Not because I'm scared of conflict with people who dislike/disapprove of nursing in public but our society is messed up and oversexualized.

May my point be proven that the coolest and best nursing clothes are from overseas? From Europe, to Australia and New Zealand and everywhere in between. American nursing clothes are... for lack of a better word affordable but tacky or nice and EXPENSIVE. Seriously if you don't want to wear a shirt that screams "Hey, everyone, I'm a nursing mother" then you end up paying an arm and a leg  for them.

Enter the end of the beginning of my mission.

First it was to make my own nursing clothes so I didn't have to pay the ginormous prices to get decent looking nursing  clothes. Oh and functional too. They MUST be easy to use nursing, comfortable yet look fabulous without looking like a "nursing shirt". I wore one ONCE. Everyone kept staring at me just waiting for me to nurse the baby even though its a natural act, it goes to the over sexualization of our society. Just to touch on the subject its "ok" to see models covering their naked breasts with their hands and the people who don't like that just look away. Same goes to a woman wearing revealing clothing, if someone doesn't like it they just look away. Why then when a mom is nursing a baby people feel inclined to confront the mom who is doing what God intended her to do after birthing a baby? Seriously this is a burr under my saddle and if God did not intend women to nurse babies He would not have given us breasts. What good is a cows udder if not for its ultimate God intended purpose to nurse its calf? How about sheep?Goats? Mares? Need I go on?

Well anyway back on track here. I think it's possible for a modern mother to enjoy well made, good looking clothes at normal clothes prices. If I normally do not pay $200 for a dress then why would I pay that for a nursing dress? Normally I'm lucky if I pay $50 full price even then I feel sheepish because I could have spent that money somewhere else...

So this is the end of my search for proper nursing clothes and the beginning of my actual business endeavour to produce nursing clothes not just for myself but to sell so the modern mother (urban OR rural) can nurse their babies in comfortable, easily functional clothes at NORMAL clothes prices. So I will be my own test subject with the clothes and if its not something I would wear it's not something I'm going to sell.

So therefore this marks the end of the beginning!

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