Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sad Loss of Respect/Dignity

Sunday morning everything started out beautifully. Everyone was in a good mood. It was absolutely fabulous! Not to mention I actually had a decent hair day! I was enjoying the day totally.

Until we saw it.

One of our daily laying hens dead on the side of the road.

Not just dead totally creamed like what happens to a deer when a semi truck hits it going 75 miles per hour.

I was NOT happy. What parent wants to come up and have their kid see one of their chickens annihilated on the side of the road.

Really people? Who swerves to hit someones chicken right in FRONT of their driveway???

Okay, I really don't mean to make a big deal and continue to rant about losing a chicken but what really gets me is the lack of personal respect and self dignity. It is more than immaturity to swerve to hit someones chicken. It's a lack of personal respect for someone elses property, pet and food source. It's a lack of self dignity in the fact that someone would not value their own self dignity and stoop down to such an immature level. 

I realize we all make mistakes in life but why would purposely killing an animal, some other person's animal, in such a way benefit the person doing that? Is it really funny to kill someones pet even if its "just" a chicken? What would have happened in a split second I looked away just to have my daughter chase a chicken down the driveway to be hit too? My husband and I mentioned that. We had an instance where a situation like that could have happened when I was still pregnant with our new baby. I got so upset I cried for over an hour about it. She didn't make it to the road but a few feet from it. We don't even live on a main road, just a back paved country road in such rough shape I saw a guy just about lose a skid steer off his trailer because he hit a bump too fast, it made such an awful noise and scared the beans out of my horse and he almost ran through an all wood fence! 

What do we trace this whole thing back to? Is it rushing around, always in a hurry that makes people always drive too fast even when common sense says go a little bit slower. What makes people throw caution to the wind? Is it being in a hurry? Why is there such an awful lack of personal respect, self respect, self dignity?

Does it go back even farther than just our society being in a hurry? How many people have to hurt, be hurt by other uncaring, rushed, people? What can we do to change this? 

Remember Newton's Third Law of Motion? According to that we CAN make a difference. If good people don't start standing up and doing something about this (and I by no means mean retaliation or revenge) then according to the Third Law this entire loss of human respect and dignity will continue and compound.

What we do today can truly make a difference for our kids and generations to come. 

So the moral of the story? I will take a day and send in a letter to the editor of our local newspaper about it, basically summing up what I just wrote here. All I can hope from there is that I will have set of a positive set of chain reactions that will hopefully someday reach back to make up for the loss of my layer hen.

Until next time,

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