Thursday, February 23, 2012


So much has been going on these past few weeks I got caught up in the whirl wind of life. So I decided to take a time out and reflect on some of the big things happening.

Spring Cleaning. The two words combined are wonderful, a lot of work but wonderful. Lets take a closer look!

Spring. The word just breathes of newness, freshness, cleanness and a hope of things to come. A time of new growth and time to stretch the muscles of summer that lay dormant since autumn.

Cleaning. This word can equal work if used in a verbal contex but if you think of cleaning as cleansing now there is something refreshing about it! Despite the work it is revitalizing and refreshing right down to the bones when you are cleaning and cleansing. It's like taking a shower for the heart and mind.

So let us put these two words together and we get: Spring Cleaning or Spring Cleansing depending on how you would prefer to put it.

The past week or so I have been purging and organizing and cleaning everything. I am much happier with how much I am getting done since I haven't been concentrating my efforts  by room this year. I can see a huge difference since I've been going by "things". One day its the girls clothes, the next my sons, the next mine, the next the toys, the next day I do books and so on and so forth. And here lies the next thing on my list of reflections.

Yard Sale. Rummage Sale. Garage Sale.
Now, depending on where you are really depends on what word you use. One, all or none of the above might fit the bill but either way it is, again, a lot of work. As my pile of "sale items" grew it outgrew the mud room so I decided to start pricing and putting them away into the garage to await the big sale in a few weeks until I'm done purging the house. I am quite embarrassed to say I have so much things and excess that I just simply do not use or need that I don't have to ask any one else to join in on my rummage sale. I have plenty to have a great sale. That is something I am not proud of and I will not allow that to happen again. I never want to look like a hoarder ever, ever, ever again. In the process of purging and organizing I should be able to make a few dollars and whatever doesn't sell will be donated and put to good use.

Late winter and early spring are wonderful times to start getting the excess out of the house, get ready for fresh air and just simplify the house and in the process life in general in preparation for summer and fun in the sun! (Or work, depending again on what you do!) I have been busy but so refreshed during this process of simplifying and getting down to what is really necessary. Instead of saving 6 or more shirts for the kids in the next few sizes of clothes up I will save 2-4 really nice ones cutting in half what I am holding onto. If I need more I can always get one or two more shirts.

I love getting organized and my stress level, despite the busyness, has gone down dramatically. I feel so refreshed! Now just to finish. I am almost there. It's very exciting and I will be able to relax and enjoy this summer with the kids instead of always feeling under pressure to clean or just "do something" because I feel so cluttered. Well, no more clutter! It's clutter be gone season and we're almost done!

So concludes my reflections on this spring cleansing.

Happy cleaning!

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