Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Thrifting

The first weekend of 2014 we went thrifting at the few thrift stores open.

I love books. I love books a lot! I would love to share my love of books with my children too!

So, while we were thrifting, I was looking for antique/vintage kitchen utensils, "living books", cast iron, antique/vintage sewing notions and buttons, basically anything unique and old that I can breath back life into by using as it was meant to be used or to repurpose!

This particular trip ended up being a Book Thrifting trip!

     At one store I was swept back in time by the nostalgia brought on by finding the same old piano books I once used! I never thought I would find books like the ones I had! I scored 2 for $5 and in wonderful shape too! Now my children will get to learn on the same books, once we get our own home and piano that is!

Another store we stopped at was a hybrid
of eclectic, thrift, and gift store. All their books were in great condition, no mold or anything else you have to beware of while book thrifting. There they had some neat old cast iron! Too bad they knew what it was worth so I passed due to the price and condition of the cast iron. It was extremely pitted and while it was unique and may have been worth a lot to a collector, I want to USE it! We looked it up online on my husbands phone and found that it was a very cheap cast iron so hardly any are found today because it was so cheap.

This store also had a wonderful assortment of buttons, but they too knew the worth and while I like to collect the ones still attached to the original paper (I just can't bring myself to use that history!) I like to collect and use the ones not attached. Too bad those were pricey too.

This hybrid store did redeem itself well in the pricing of their books! I was thrilled upon thrilled at the find of "The Burgess Bird Book for Children" by Thornton W. Burgess. I was so excited because it was on my "list" of books to get for my little ones! I only paid $3 for it and it is in uncanny condition for being from the 50's! No odors  or anything but a crease in a few of the first pages. My husband found some books from the 50's on welding hard to weld metals and some on woodworking and a few other mechanical/fixer upper books!

I can't wait to get all my other books unpacked once we get done moving. I can't wait to put out all my books and get the kids into our own little home library!

So the moral of thrifting is to have a list and idea of what you like and what you want to do or what you need and just go! You never know what you will find!

Happy Thrifting!

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