Monday, January 13, 2014

Playing with Pinterest

This is a photo of our own experiment with a pin I found on Pinterest. It is growing a live bouquet in your house with tulip bulbs! I was unable to trace back the original pin, so I have no idea who to credit with this idea.
All we did was get a tall glass cylinder vase, a small bag of decorative pebbles and some fall tulip bulbs we got on clearance. After putting it all together you put enough water to touch the bottom of the bulbs and place in the light!
 The total cost was $4.97 for this kid-friendly project!
Now, to play with this pin I found we have a vase with Daffodil bulbs in it to see if they will grow like the tulips supposedly will!
We are hoping it will bring a little bit of springtime into our house to tide us over until spring actually comes!
Someday when we are moved into our new home I'd like to have a "Pinterest Party" and have people bring over some snacks to have a "pot-luck" style food table and then do a few crafts found on Pinterest relating to whatever season it happens to be!
If you can find some clearance tulip bulbs give this a try!
Happy Monday!

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