Friday, January 24, 2014

Tea and Crochet Time

This is a Baby Cocoon/Sleepsack I made for a friend's baby girl. I made it in Pink Camo by Red Heart. This is the first one I have made and I plan on making myself two. One for boy, one for girl. My friend had a wonderful idea and put some nice, soft pink fabric inside to keep out winter drafts. Fabulous idea and a perfect one for winter babies or for those cool, mountain summer nights!
For my afternoon tea today I chose a simple Chamomile tea. I did not stop with a simple tea though. I dressed it up a little bit! Here's what I did for a Renewing Chamomile Tea:
~I let my tea steep a bit longer than usual to account for my 'additions'. I didn't want to lose any flavor!
~I took a thin slice of lemon and squeezed the juice into my tea cup.
~I took about a teaspoon full (maybe a little less) of raw, local honey. But you can add honey to suit your own taste!
I was looking for the calming nature of chamomile, with a bit of lemon for renewal and cleansing and a touch of honey for equal the tart of the lemon and add some extra antioxidants for my immune system!
What a boost! I don't like over sweetened tea so just a tad bit of honey did it perfect.
A perfect cup of tea for a Friday afternoon. Now that I am renewed time to finish my crochet heart dish cloths because I need to start working on some more Baby Cocoons, and I found a fabulous inspiration dress to make for my girls for spring! It will soon be Sewing Time!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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