Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Projects and Pregnancy Rash

Here are some crochet heart dish cloths that I have been making to send out for Valentines Day! I'm planning on sending out one cloth, something unique and locally made here (Tea, Coffee or Soap), and something else that seems fitting to send out.
Although this is my 4th baby, I have acquired the dreaded Pregnancy Rash. In addition to that it seems I also have an allergic reaction rash on the rest of my body not afflicted with the Pregnancy Rash. This has been a most miserable month and I've tried so many things. Such as the following:
~Changing back to my homemade laundry soap from a store bought one.
~Warm, not hot showers and very short.
~Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
~Started taking Flax seed oil AND fish oil.
~Made and started using a homemade skin soothing oil (more on that below).
~Cold compresses to help with itching.
~UV therapy- aka tanning.
So far it has just slowly gotten worse until I went tanning for half the time I normally would and it has soothed the pregnancy rash on my trunk tremendously but did not help my extremities or face. (Yes, I know tanning is not usually recommended while pregnant, except in severe circumstances for the rash since you can't take strong steroids to kick the rash in the fanny).
After looking at common intolerances and allergies in my extended family I decided to go gluten free for a month then eating a regular, conventional meal to see if that helps. There are really only 3 things in my extended family relating to food that I know of so that certainly helps out when deciding what to eliminate first.
I made my own skin oil using Organic Safflower oil and doing a 2% dilution total using essential oils of Lavender and Roman Chamomile. The only Roman Chamomile I could find was already diluted in Jojoba Oil but I pretended it was full strength for ease of memory. I found the dilution ratio from one of my favorite companies and the link is found here So now you can make your own with whatever essential oils you choose.
I chose Lavender because of its soothing qualities, wonderful smell, and previous successful use for skin irritations such as diaper rash and baby eczema.
I chose Roman Chamomile because of Chamomile's calming nature, the smell blended well with Lavender and also because it is (in my opinion and knowledge) has antibacterial qualities to Tea Tree Oil but on a lesser level, which would be good in my condition since I originally wanted to use Tea Tree but was concerned about the strength of the essential oil.
You can choose other ones and obviously since I'm not a healthcare provider you should ask yours to see if it is applicable or contraindicated for you. This is just what I use and may not even help you if you have Pregnancy Rash.
Other than Pregnancy Rash, trying to figure out what I'm allergic to and raising three energetic children, I do find time for myself. Sewing, crocheting, even just going online for inspiration for a few minutes is so uplifting! Having this rash has been a discouragement, especially since it is also on my face but creating something with my own two hands has been such a fog lifter for the soul. Besides this could be a blessing in disguise. If I a allergic to something I would rather find out sooner than later!
Now back to making some more heart dish cloths! I have a few more to finish before I can continue working on some more baby cocoons, market bags and then sewing dresses for the girls before this baby comes!
Happy Winter Crafting!

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  1. Hi KT
    I read your post because I not only have four but I too have had the dreaded preg. Rash. But only when I had my boys. I tried everything. The Dr. tried everything. They even did a biopsy of my skin. Basically , I was allergic to giving birth to boys and it took abouth 4 months after birth to work out of my system. I totally empathize with you. I wanted to scratch all of my skin off and by the time it was over it looked like I had.
    Good luck.