Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crafting Bucket List

When I'm pregnant I get the urge to craft, craft, craft. As if growing a baby and caring for three little ones isn't enough!

I love to crochet, sew, cross stitch and of course cook and bake! Did I mention having fun and teaching the little ones to craft too?!

My "Crafting Bucket List" is to learn some things that I either want to get better in or just plain learn how to do! So here it is in no particular order:

KT's Crafting Bucket List:

~learn to knit
~learn to properly embroider - by hand
~learn to do small piece quilting
~learn quillwork
~learn to do tatting
~learn to do better/proper paintings (oil and acrylic and someday watercolor too!)
~learn to spin my own fibers for crochet and knitting

I think that about covers things for now! Until, of course, I learn of some other lost or forgotten art!

The biggest lesson I have learned from my love of crafting is this: Do what you love in front of your children! Don't get up early, wait for naptime or bedtime. Do what you love now! Share what you love doing WITH your children! Especially if they are showing interest in what you are doing and would like to try it also! Children need to see the adults they love doing something they love to do, not just 'responsible' or necessities like chores. It might take me triple the amount of time to get one project done, but including my children in the process makes it more meaningful for me and for them and will produce many lasting memories!

So craft away fellow crafters and enjoy life each day at a time!

No, don't just enjoy it, savor it!

You'll only have this day once so use it well!


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