Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gardening for Hunger

Today's character lesson for the kids was "Helping Others". (Every day we either watch a short video or read a story on character building for children).
In today's lesson it was how these boys wanted to go to this new movie but did not have enough money so they decided to earn money by collecting bottles and then returning them for a deposit. That way they are helping to recycle and make money to go see the movie all at once! They only had to collect a few more bottles but since it was late they went back home and were going to start collecting early in the morning before trash pickup. They went around asking neighbors and business owners if they had any bottles they could have also!

The next morning they got up to go finish collecting bottles but they saw another little boy collecting bottles on their street. They went to go ask him to go to his own street and while they were talking they found out the little boy was collecting bottles for breakfast for him and his little siblings. His mom is sick and has been out of work for a week and they don't have a dad. The first two boys, upon hearing this, thought about it between themselves and decided to give the third boy their movie money to buy groceries for his family. They still got to see the movie after their parents gave them their allowances on Saturday although they had to wait until the end of the week, by waiting for their allowance and donating their earned money to the little boy they provided some much needed food for this family in need.

What a great lesson for my children to hear! Even better, it made ME think. What can I do to be a good neighbor for hungry children and families in my community?

So after thinking about it I decided to dedicate a row in my garden to the food pantry this growing season. Before planting I am going to talk it over with them to find out what they suggest I plant, in other words, what could they use the most in fresh produce?

Plus, with being new in the area, it will help to network and meet new people this way and maybe encourage some others to garden for the hungry!

There are some people, especially in the city, that do not have that knowledge to grow plants- even in pots- for food. Some people may not ever had fresh, natural, organic produce!

Time to share the wealth of gardening and do something I love to do! While it is just one row this year, I know that I will be able to have produce for my own family and share the produce with families in need! Who knows, maybe next year I can do more gardening for hunger!

Planning the 2014 garden,

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