Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year Dawning

Farewell 2014 and Hello 2015! 

I look back on this year with nothing but gratitude. I've been through so many health problems and housing changes but I have nothing but gratitude! Without the hardships I experienced, I would not have seen the things I needed to change in my life. I'm thankful I had to go through what I did so I can see things differently now.

A new perspective for the future, a positive one! 

I have hope that this coming year I will be relieved from the health issues I'm experiencing now. Hope that we'll be able to get chickens, a garden and go swimming. This new year holds so much promise, but we have to go for it! Good things don't just come to those who wait, they come to those who work! Life is as good or bad as you want it to be - no matter what your circumstances may be.

This year, for my blog, I'm going to add my reading list back to help keep track of what I've read throughout the year. I'm also going to be studying vegetables and posting what I learn about them. I'm going to be more focused on homesteading activities, learning things my ancestors could do in their sleep! I'm also going to be focusing on Permaculture. I was just introduced to the concept and I want to learn more! I'm also going to be adding what I learn on using sweeteners naturally and gluten free recipes that won't break the budget or spurn the taste buds!

So for the New Year that is dawning on us, I'm going to add a reading list, studying vegetables, studying Permaculture, sharing healthy recipes and doing homesteading activities! I'm excited for the year to come!

Hugs and God bless!


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