Monday, December 22, 2014

Stocking holder- check!

Here is  the stocking holder I made this year for our stockings! We have a fireplace but its too hot to have stockings hanging off of it so, instead of just hanging them on the wall, I made a holder!

I had a scrap piece of wood that I painted in regular acrylic craft paint- 2 coats.

Then, I stenciled the words. I only had cheap cardboard stencils and I had to use Sharpie markers to "paint" the words on instead of actually using a paint and brush. It worked, though!

Then I flipped it over and attached the hanging claw things (the proper name escapes my mind at the moment). I used three total for the back to hang it.

Once flipped back over I attached the little hooks. I got the cheap four for a dollar pack at the store. They are called "mug hooks", they were exactly what I had in mind to use! I just screwed them into the board and bam! Done!

Now I have a sturdy stocking holder!!

I don't have to worry about fire hazard, falling hazard or chocolate melting anymore!

*Cooler fact is that the wood paneling on the wall was handmade from an uncle of the land lord!* I had no idea one could do that! 

Well, now back to making Christmas ribbon jello with my littles! Tomorrow we make my Best of Show Blue Ribbon Ginger Cookies!!! (First time gluten free, so hoping they turn out!)

Jingle All The Way,

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  1. Very good idea - I love it when I hear about how someone saw a need and made their own thing to solve it....