Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tradition! Tradition!

'Tis the Season for traditions. 

Growing up, my family had a few traditions, whether we called our yearly activities by that name or not, they were still tradition!

My husband, I am sure had traditions growing up as well. Funny, though, I don't remember what he said his family did each year.

I read an article last week on making this season of Holidays simpler, less stress to stress free and just getting down to what all these Holidays do- get people together to celebrate. Key here is the word "together".

The cookies are fun, activities are fun, gifts are fun (giving and receiving), the meals, the fellowship of friends and family gathering. 

The article did hit home with me on one thing.
Less hustle and bustle and more family celebration!

This week I am planning on sitting down with my husband and figuring out what traditions we are going to have as family.

For me, I'd love to carry forward making home made ice cream and having root beer floats on Christmas day. Stuffed pancakes for brunch. Making a few different Christmas cookies the week of Christmas. Making homemade gifts to give to others and of course our yearly Christmas card to send to friends and family.

My goal is to keep it simple, spend more time WITH my family than doing things FOR them. I don't want to do a fancy dinner Christmas Eve or on Christmas anymore. Save that for Thanksgiving, lets just have a nicely set table for a regular meal, even if its just pizza! 

I'd encourage others to let the hustle and bustle go and just enjoy the people around you! Life is such a short time span on earth, lets be with the people we love, not just do things for them. Try to strike a happy medium between doing things for and being with those we love. 

What are some traditions you have that you enjoy, want to keep, want to leave or just care to share?

At any rate, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!! 


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