Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve or, otherwise known as Christmas Adam

I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away now! 

Yesterday we made Christmas (red, green, white) ribbon jello to bring to our Christmas celebrations this week. What is a Christmas celebration (or any celebration) without a jello dish?! 

My oldest daughter LOVES jello molds, so for Christmas I told her we would make a jello mold just for us to enjoy. Poor girl was so disappointed I made ribbon jello instead of a mold for our parties. (I needed enough jello for 2 occasions).

Today we are making sure we have everything together to go celebrate tomorrow and just enjoying each other. We are watching Christmas movies, doing puzzles, and just being grateful for such a wonderful year together! 

This morning we had red skies so I'm expecting a weather change today or tomorrow. Praying for good travel weather tomorrow! 

Anyway, back to my little ones and our Christmas preparations! 

This mama has to check her shopping list twice to make sure we have the items needed for root beer floats and stuffed pancakes on Christmas day!

Merry Christmas!!


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