Wednesday, December 3, 2014

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Well, we picked up our Christmas tree this afternoon! I wanted to get a nice, thick farmed one but I did some research to find out if they are sprayed with the pesticide I'm allergic to. Turns out that farmed trees, in my opinion, can stay on the farm. I am not impressed with the chemicals that are used in some Christmas tree farming operations. For us, we are sticking to natural/organic trees. We got ours from a natural tree lot. So what if we can't put on every ornament we own! It's more about keeping our house as natural and organic as possible and not bringing in extra pollution. Having modern appliances brings in enough off gassing! Something like a Christmas tree can be natural.

I found if I put ribbon on ornaments or things like Candy Canes I can hang them from a window as nice decor and with a nice pine or colorful garland it ties it all in together nicely!

I used the pine branches we had to cut off the bottom as decor in the front window box! Perfect! Now I'm just going to go to the Dollar Store here and pick up some fake poinsettia's and put them in with the pine to give it a nice pop of red! (Unless they have something else, the plan is poinsettia).

So, now the task is to find our Christmas lights in the old Christmas box from last year and then we can decorate our tree tonight! 

We're going to make some fun ornaments with the kids to put on the tree along with the ones we already have! 

I'm on Day 15, half way through my Whole30. It isn't going very easily for me, I don't know why. I'm so sick of eating so much meat it makes me want to gag thinking about food. Maybe its just a block I have to overcome but all I want right now is a piece of Mackinac Island Fudge, a nice hot cup of coffee with Wisconsin Cream in it and a piece of Figaro's Pizza with gluten free crust. 

Wishful thinking especially since its all food from "back home", not to be found here in the first place! I'm sticking with it though, I can tell I've lost quite a bit of weight from how my clothes are fitting, or shall I say, not fitting very well anymore. I can also tell by eating whole foods that my milk must be richer as the baby isn't wanting to eat as often and is so much more satisfied after a feeding. She is a happy baby anyway but now, despite teething, she hasn't wanted to just suckle anymore.

Interesting how much what you eat can impact milk supply for a little one! I can't wait to have a scone with my morning coffee with cream in it, though. That time will come! For now, black coffee it is!

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