Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Wonderland: Post Christmas Saga

(The view this afternoon from my front window. Actually the view as I am typing this post right now!)

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, so the kids and I are busy planning our birthday surprises for him.

We are still listening to Christmas music- until at least it becomes 2015. I'm not sure how long we will keep Christmas decor up past the 1st as we have so many projects to start and finish the remainder of the winter. If I recall properly breakup last year was in March. 

I'm working on projects to possibly sell at the Farmer's Market this coming summer so I need all the space I can get at this point! Especially since I am going to have a garden this summer as well.

We are still praying that we will be able to buy that property we found that we both really liked. The down payment is a tough one to get. I still believe that if it is "the" property for us then God will provide a miracle for us regarding getting the financing or He will lead us to the right property! There is a nice property up north we like that is just 2 driveway's down from extended family, but its just above our pre-approval rate and since my husband's job is here it just makes sense to go for the property we both agree on here for now. So, we will continue to pray that we can get our own property so we can have a big garden, animals, and a home base for us to raise our little family on! 

January 1st is when I start my second Whole30! It really made a difference for me regarding my overall health. Now that I have been off the Whole30 for Christmas and then New Years, I don't feel so good. I figure I would ring in the new year with the Whole30 and start off the year this way! 

Well, time to get offline to finish birthday prep for my man, continue reading some amazing books that I will share about when finished, and dreaming about chickens, gardens, homesteading and  that first, tender carrot of the season. YUM! 

Dreaming of 2015,

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