Friday, October 7, 2011


Season. Is it the beginning of something new? The end of something old? Or is it just the continuation of a chapter of life?

As I sit and watch the basswood leaves drifting through the air landing on the yard and the horse barn I cannot help but wonder. The lush green lawn is now covered in temporary gold. The maple trees are starting their color change from dark green to light green, now yellowing and turning a brilliant crimson red. The air smells crisp, like fresh pressed apple cider. The wind blows from new directions hastening the basswood leaves descent. The end of something or the beginning of something? 

Early in the morning a light fog mixed with smoke from wood burners sits in a haze over the pasture. The horses breath mingles in the haze while he grazes the last bits of new growing grass. The colors surrounding this early morning picture is just incredible. The sumac's crimson, the milkweed's yellow, the grasses slowly turning greenish brown, the last of the late summer flowers drying on their stalks ready to let lose their seeds to lay dormant until next spring. Leaves of different colors and shapes drifting almost silently, except for the initial rustle of their leaving their post on the tree and rustling while they make their contact with the ground.

Bugs and other juicy goodies are getting scarce for the chickens and ducks. The wild geese are making their way slowly south for warmer climes as the sound their wings make as they fly effortlessly through the sky makes a prelude to winter storms coming. The deer and turkeys forage and enjoy the last of summers bounty. The squirrels and chipmunks fight over the acorns and any other wonderful tidbit they find to put into their "pantry" in a tree.

While summer may be ending and autumn is clearly here the excitement of winter approaching and spending more time with family is in the crisp autumn air. Few corn fields are still standing the stalks brittle and scratching against the crisp fall breeze just waiting to be cut down and stored for the farmer's animals over winter. 

Fresh pressed apple cider warmed with some caramel, magic gloves, mid-autumn camp fires, friends and family, the crisp and cleansing autumn air, pumpkin pies, apple pies, leaves falling, peak leaf color and a hug from my husband, kids laughing and playing in piles of fallen leaves raked up just to be scattered about by kids running through them.


Autumn is truly here. 

The circle of life continues on.

So I ask, is a season the end, the beginning or continuation?

Praise be to God for the changing of the seasons and whatever they bring.


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