Friday, October 21, 2011

Breastfeeding, Nursing, Holidays and Crockpots

As I listen to The Christmas Song being sung I can't help but think of the fast approaching holidays. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. This year has totally flown by and I have been blessed with a fabulous pregnancy compared to my previous two! I actually enjoyed being pregnant this time around! Down deep I know I enjoyed the other two but now that I have accepted how my body changes during pregnancy and embracing the changes instead of wishing I still had the body I had in highschool I don't mind being pregnant one bit! I always thought my prime would be early twenties. Now that I am on the other side of the early twenties I realize that all the women I had talked to in high school were right. A woman doesn't hit her prime until later! I haven't even reached that yet! Interesting :)

Thinking about being "in the prime", about to have another baby and the holidays really made me start to think about breastfeeding again. I finally realized that nursing is what a baby does, breastfeeding is what a mom does. I'm no longer scared or embarrassed to say the word "breast". Every warm blooded animal that needs to feed it's young has mammary glands, funny thing is you don't see a milk cow going in for an "udder enhancement". . . I know there are many exceptions in different religious communities but our american society in general puts too much emphasis on the breast as a sexual object instead of it's natural intended use. I've read the Bible and while there is a place for them in that context the main purpose is to feed babies.

Going along this train of thought I was highly embarrassed to breastfeed in public because of the looks I got. Not so much of the "ew, I can't believe she doesn't use a bottle" looks but the "I wonder how much I can see if I walk close enough" looks. I was appalled. So, what did I do? I tried not just to breastfeed discretely but also I got a nursing cover. 

Seriously people, have you ever had your morning coffee/tea UNDER a blanket???? How about your breakfast??? Do you eat your lunch in the bathroom??? How about "you guys go ahead, I need to finish my dinner so I will just sit in the car while you all have fun". Nope. Not for my baby.

When my baby needs to eat, the baby will get to eat and if someone dares to make a perverted comment they will be lucky not to get my shoe thrown at them. Their mother would be so ashamed of them. I will not put up with crass comments about how I should go to the bathroom to feed my baby or use a blanket. If an adult wouldn't eat like that then a baby shouldn't have to either. 

As for my modesty I can nurse discreetly, this is a free country and in my state there are no laws prohibiting breastfeeding in public. Therefore I can. And I will. I also encourage other moms to just not put up with it, do what you feel is best for you and baby despite what other people think! 

I tried not to listen to Christmas music until closer to Thanksgiving but I woke up to a sassy Christmas song this morning and I just had to listen to it. Then I started listening to other favorite Christmas songs and here I sit, typing and listening to Christmas music! All the while smelling what is becoming dinner in the crock pot! 

I have really enjoyed learning to cook in a crock pot this past week. Today I am making scalloped potatoes in the crock pot. While not too complex and so far my fare from the crock pot has been out of character for my cooking preferences I have enjoyed spending more time with my kids (and off my feet due to the baby pressing a nerve in my back!). Another plus to cooking in a crock pot is if you are home you get to smell the lovely goodness all day long, slowly cooking and getting tastier until the peak for dinner time! 

So I guess that pretty much sums up the title for today. I breastfeed my baby, my baby nurses, the holidays are coming quick and crock pots are pretty handy kitchen accessories! 
Hoping you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend! 

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  1. I have nursed 5 babies, maybe I am lucky to never have had negative comments. And I never use a blanket. My daughter is the exception since she refuses to let me be discreet so I try not to NIP with her, but that is for my comfort not for others.