Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding Anniversary!!!

Today is mine and my husband's 3rd wedding anniversary!!! 

What a gorgeous day too! Fall leaves are just about peak, Indian Summer temperatures, sunshine! Since we couldn't go to our usual weekend anniversary retreat I got a deep dish pizza to make (since I couldn't afford steaks, but we never ate steaks on our anniversary anyways--We always got pizza!!!) 

I'm going to make some strawberry cupcakes with white frosting like usual and my grandparents got us a really pretty carrot cake which they said we had to wait until our anniversary to eat and we did! We got into it this morning for breakfast before my husband left for work! 

This morning I had breakfast fit for a pregnant mama. Pumpkin Pie Poptarts (I know, real healthy right?! It was a treat!) and my favorite maple flavored coffee. Door County Coffee has the best Maple coffee in the world and I look forward to them selling it each autumn!!! They have other amazing flavors but Maple is my favorite followed by White Christmas, Cookie Dough and a Cranberry flavor they sell during Christmas time.

Well since my plans were messed up due to some circumstances we are trying to figure out it looks like we will have the kids with us for dinner unless I can get a sitter at the last minute for an hour or two. It's so hard for my husband and I to get by ourselves. We finally got some time to ourselves this past Sunday for the FIRST time this entire YEAR!!! We really need to get more alone time together! 

Well I better get started on picking up the house again, making my cupcakes and finding a sitter. We are also trying to sell that buck goat. So I need to make a few phone calls on him today as well. It would be a huge blessing for someone to buy him this week. Well that is all for now, off to get the day started so I can relax with or without the kids when my husband comes home so we can enjoy our anniversary together!!!


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