Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sugar Cookies

 Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I made cookies. As dinner was finishing up I was just finishing up frosting them like pumpkins. Since the frosting was fresh I had them sitting out for the frosting to set before stacking them on the serving plate. My son was having a pretty hard time waiting for dinner and putting up quite the fuss. I was finishing up the last of the baking dishes when I realized it suddenly became quiet. Oh no. I turn around and I didn't have to find what he was into at all. He was able to reach up on the counter and help himself to a decorated cookie! He was happy as a clam sitting on my kitchen rug. He saw me said "num num" and kept eating. I got a few pictures with my good camera as a memory. I couldn't scold such a cute sight as that! I just let him eat his prize then we had dinner.

After dinner for desert was, of course, cookies. My daughter didn't see her brother eating the cookie he took of the counter so she had no idea I had frosted them. I handed her a cookie and you would have thought I was handing her a rare prized possession. She said "woooowww my cookie!?" then took it from me with two hands every so carefully as not to disturb the frosting. What a hunny! 

I sure enjoyed the pumpkin cookies with my kids. Of course my husband liked them too! Hot chocolate and pumpkin cookies, yummy!

I am so blessed to have the kids that I have, they remind me almost daily to enjoy the simple things in life (like pumpkin shaped sugar cookies!) because without the simple things life can turn into one big routine. 


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