Sunday, May 27, 2012

After the Rain

Last night we had a strong thunderstorm! I love sleeping through storms, I wake up feeling so much more rested! I can't imagine how the ground must feel after a good thunderstorm too if I wake up feeling so much better!

I found this little patch of moss on an old stump in the yard when I went to go pick some fresh rhubarb for my Rhubarb Goodness Part 2 this morning! It reminded me of a little fairy forest fit for Thumbelina! 

Thanks to the storm the soil is packed down BUT on the very positive side that the soil is thoroughly drenched! All I have to do is to a quick light tilling to break up the soil again before planting. I already have the row stakes pounded in the ground so I will just skip over them and I will get to finish the garden planting today because it is going to rain tomorrow. 

Normally I don't work on Sunday's as I consider that my day off to go to church and spend with family but since tomorrow is Memorial Day I am going to consider that my day of rest as I can't go to church today because we have a sick kid in the house. 

In other news, yesterday I was photographing my gorgeous spring irises (oh how I need more colors!) and I just about got hit by a zipping hummingbird! Wow! Do those birds sure zip around at what seems light speed! I think I scared it so much when it came around the cedar hedge for the irises, it almost fell out of the air! Then it recovered up in a tree, the poor thing!

Then I thought how neat it would have been if I was able to get a photo of the hummingbird and the irises... If only I had not jumped at the big buzzing noise and this thing flying towards my head! Oh well, maybe next time! I'm sure I will get more photo ops because they love my petunias and I have a few planted in some hanging planters already! 

Well, off to finish Rhubarb Goodness Part 2! May post later today on it but it depends where the day goes!


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