Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thinkin' it's a Tuesday!

I needed some inspiration this morning to get myself going. Looking at this picture of the Mackinaw Bridge from Mackinaw City brought back some wonderful memories! It was our kids first camping trip. It was my first camping trip as a pregnant mama. The day I took this picture I had just finished a ginormous cinnamon roll from a fabulous little bakery in Mackinaw City. They also had locally roasted coffee which was absolutely wonderful! They also sold these absolutely delicious cookies and huge donuts called "Big Mac's"! I went over there with my Grandpa and we ate the goodies and drank some coffee at a nice little park over looking the bridge. My kids had an absolute blast- as did we all! I remember first getting up in the morning it was overcast, clouds threatening rain so it was pretty humid yet cool. All I wanted was a cup of coffee but that was the one thing I had forgotten to bring. The rest of the family wasn't up yet and I dare not wake the kids so I could run to town... So I waited until we all got ready to leave for the City and shopping and oh, was it worth the wait! I just love locally roasted coffee beans. Each is unique!

Well today I ended up going grocery shopping although I do need to go to a different store in order to pick of the remaining items left on my list.

Today I made a wonderful smoothie that I heard about yesterday on Dr. Oz. It was sooo good and gave me that little boost of energy I needed to get back up and get back to house chores and dinner!

This week I am hoping to get my sewing supplies back out and start working on a few smaller projects that I have been wanting to make... I also need to get some more fuel for the garden tiller so I can till it up again. I'd like to till it again then once more a day before I plant it. Which is going to be in the next two weeks so this week I should really get out and till it again. Maybe the kids will cooperate with me so I can get that done this week.

The kids have been having an absolute blast playing outside so much. This winter was mild but still too cold for me to take a newborn out so the older kids can play outside. It's wonderful being able to enjoy the sunshine and wind again! I've already got a light tan started! We have a wedding to go to this weekend so that will be a fun way to kick off the Memorial weekend week. (You know, the week before Memorial Day weekend?!). Yep, sweet summer time is upon us! My little family is just lovin' it!


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