Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flying the Coop

Our first newly hatched chick of 2012!!! We had one lonely chicken left that refused to get caught when we gave away the other chickens we had. She used to lay me an egg a day 6 days of the week.

Then, she got broody and that was the end of my daily egg! So I let her lay on the two eggs she had under her, looking for some fertilized eggs because we had no rooster anymore! Well, we ended up getting some eggs from some friends and I was pretty sure they had a rooster so I switched her two eggs with two eggs of similar size and shape of the ones she laid herself. That was about 3ish weeks ago and here we are! A freshly hatched chick that happened sometime yesterday or today!!! I'm guessing bright and early this morning. 

She has one egg she is still sitting on so I'm hoping that will hatch yet today. If not I'm sure it will be quite soon, as long as it was also fertilized. 

Our two hen ducks are both sitting on nests that were bred with our Khaki Campbell drake. After getting a few pictures of the hen and her chick I went to go check on the hens and their nests. It will be about another week-two weeks before the duck eggs start to hatch. Well I go to the Mallard's nest first and I find her dead next to her nest. I was SO sad. It happened last night because I saw her last night, well it could have happened very early this morning too I suppose but it wasn't any longer than that. I'm hoping it's not too late for the eggs. I was really looking forward to seeing what our new crossed ducklings would look like. I'm looking for an incubator so hopefully those eggs will still hatch when I get them into an incubator (hopefully) today. Well anyway the Pekin's nest is RIGHT next to my garden so I'm hoping that will be safe. I had to move the garden fence so when the eggs hatch they wouldn't be stuck inside my precious garden! HA! Wouldn't that be something! Good thing I noticed where the nest was before I got the fence all the way put up!

Well, off to get some more laundry done! That was my little break for the day! I just love living in the country and seeing baby animals! Can't wait to show my kids after their naps!!!


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