Thursday, May 3, 2012

Results, Groceries and Prayer

First things first today: Coffee!

Okay, now we are good to go! First thing that I want to talk about today is worry. I've heard it said over and over that worry paralyzes us. How true is that! I get so upset and uptight about things that are not my responsibility or about things that I can not change and what good does it do me? It just takes away precious time with my kids, takes the enjoyment out of the day and makes my mood go south- Not to mention headaches! So after some thought on the subject I decided that I would only concern (not worry) about things that I can 'control' and things that are my responsibility and leave it as that.

Let's just say I'm actually getting sleep at night again and able to spend more time with the kids and catching up on housework instead of being in a bad mood with a headache all the time getting nothing done but worry.  I feel like I broke free from the worry train!

Sure, it's not all sandy beaches and blue skies for me but life sure does seem sweeter now that I'm not worrying about things outside of my control!

I will worry about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here, until then I will just work on today!

With that being said we got the results back from the kids blood tests for celiac testing. Our son, the one who I was most concerned with tested normal. Our daughter, however, tested positive. The soonest we can get into the pediatric gastroenterologist is mid-July. Not to mention I have to keep her on gluten the whole time. I'm hoping to get on the call-waiting list so if there are cancellations I will be able to get her in sooner. At any rate with all the research I've done on celiac and gluten intolerance I'm not so scared about her being positive for celiac. It will be work on my part but I think the hardest will be to dealing with people who think celiac can be outgrown. Yeah, it stinks our daughter has something that she will have to deal with her entire life. BUT we found out early so she won't get the bad symptoms of it and she didn't have to deal with worse pain than she already has! It is and should be thought of as a blessing we found out with her being so young! Especially for her sake! She has lost 2 pounds this year despite her growing taller. There is a sign right there, she also has funny diapers which I thought were normal for her and she complains that her "tummy hurt" or "owwie tummy". I was suspicious that she was saying those things to get my attention because "baby sister" was getting all the attention, or at least most of it. I'm so glad I went ahead and got her tested with our son.

Now that we are on the path to get her to stay healthy as she grows I'm sure it won't be easy, but is raising kids ever easy anyway? Nope, so we will do just fine! I am just so very thankful we found out about this so early, instead of wondering what her problem would be later on in life. That is a blessing in disguise for us, as parents and also for her, as the one that would be suffering physically from it.

Well, here we go on another adventure. God will give us the strength we need for today and gives us hope for tomorrow!

Today is grocery shopping day. This whole week I've been getting my recipes and meal plans done for the next two weeks, organizing them so I can piggy back meals and make the most out of what I buy. Also it gave me time to get some coupons, store deals for the week and I even made my list out in sections such as "dairy", "produce", "Frozen", etc. Now, that I have to go shopping with all three kids and have two carts I will be armed and ready and hopefully streamline grocery shopping somewhat! I should take a picture of me shopping. That would make a good memory for the scrapbooks!

Now to finish breakfast and get ready to get the grocery shopping done so I can prepare dinner tonight!

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