Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updates from the previous week!

Here is the pillowcase dress I whipped up for my daughter. Just after I took this picture she started singing and twirling around while my son just ran around the room dancing too! Ha! Kids are so much fun!

We have all been outside lots since the weather has been nice! I finally was able to get some fuel for the garden tiller so I've been scrambling getting the garden ready. Yes, it will be a hair late for some of the gardening things I am planting but I'm sure they will grow just the same. Next year I should be able to get everything in on time when they should be planted but as for now I will just make do with what I have to work with here! 

After tilling yesterday the soil is looking just about right for planting! I will till it again Thursday then probably once more a day before planting. I am planning on planting it this weekend.

Our riding mower's started belt broke so I was sitting here in knee high grass wondering what to do because we live in an area very high in deer ticks... I sure didn't want our kids playing in it. Then I remembered we have that push mower in the shed. So, I got some fuel for that and mowed where the kids like to play the most. It was like trying to mow a hay field with scissors! But I did it! Now the kids have a nicely mowed area to play in. The rest of the yard will get done eventually but for now at least the kids have a play area to actually play in! 

I also started fixing up my gliding bench. The wood was starting to deteriorate and probably beyond what I did to it. With the cost of lumber I decided to go ahead and sand, stain and then urethane it anyway. I didn't take the boards off like I should have so I just went ahead and stained it on the frame. It looks gorgeous like I had envisioned it would look! This afternoon I'm going to put the urethane on it. It took me a few minutes to decide what I wanted to do with the bench. At first I was just going to sand it all down and spray paint it a textured hammered metal look on the frame then spray paint the boards an aqua color. Think of all those pretty brightly colored wood lawn furniture. I was concerned that it would look cheap though, like the 70's plastic lawn furniture. I had wanted to keep the frame green and have the lumber a deep cabernet cherry type color. Well, I picked up the spray paint and as I walked down the aisle there it was! Cabernet cherry stain!!!! YAY!!!! Then I looked at the price and if I stained and urethaned the lumber instead of spray paint it I would save over $12!!! So I put the paint down, picked up the stain then I went to look for the urethane. Wow. Do they have something for everything. Satin, Matte, Satin Matte, Satin Gloss, Semi Gloss, Gloss, Oil based and Water based, Interior or Exterior or both. Yipes. So I decided I wanted Exterior, Gloss, Clear (which meant water based). So from the shelf I took what I wanted and got home and I accidentally grabbed semi-gloss. Oops. It will still look gorgeous at least I got the exterior water based home! HA! I didn't want to use an oil based as it has that "warm glow" look and I didn't want to take away from that gorgeous deep cherry look. SO I am excited to get that thing urethaned so we can use my re-vitalized gliding lawn bench! YAY!!!!

I also have to work on getting my garden fence up so the ducks and chicken don't eat my seeds or my precious little plants! Especially since all the birds are sitting on nests!!! BOTH duck hens and the chicken are sitting on eggs so it will be interesting to see how many they actually hatch and how many we can keep alive considering all the predators around.

Well, time to get some bills ready to get down to the mailbox to get sent in and then start work on my garden fence! Happy summer time!!!

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