Friday, May 4, 2012

Fish Fry Friday

 I've been really frugal with meal plans but decided to change things up a bit so we can live as cheaply but as healthy as possible. In my personal opinion that means switching things up a bit so you have as much variety as possible in your diet.

That being said I just love fish. Don't get me wrong I like meat too but there is just something so nice about fish that I just love. Back in the highschool and college days I used to go every Friday with or without my friends for the local Friday Fish fry. Since getting married I have really missed going out on Friday's not just for the food but for some socialization. You would find about 80-90% of the same people at the same people at about the same time every Friday. Yeah, it started as a religious thing and while I don't eat fish on Friday for religious reasons, I just miss it. It doesn't help my man doesn't care for fish but I am now going to go on a mission to find a breading/batter that he can't help but enjoy! So every Friday starting today we are going to have a fish fry. 

For tonight's fish I am using store bought frozen pollock fillets. I'm going to use flour, whatever seasonings I feel in the mood for and panko bread crumbs. I will be frying them in coconut oil tonight too. I will be serving homemade "chips" and salad to go with it. Oh, I just can't wait! 

Later on this summer once I discover the "perfect" base recipe for breading I am hoping to have fish fry's with friends and family too. I also need to start working on a tasty gluten free recipe instead of a conventional one so my daughter can enjoy friday fish fry's as well. Then, with it being gluten free I won't have to worry about gluten contamination either which, of course, would totally defeat the purpose of having a GFree breading in the first place. 

Eventually I'd like to catch my own fish for frying but with 3 little kids getting time to get out on the water for some serious fishing is kind of hard. It's not just the kids that makes it difficult for some serious fishing. It's a lot of other things like housework, finding a sitter, gardening and yard work. 

Oh do I miss the days I could spend all weekend (as long as I didn't work that weekend) out on the water. 

Oh the days spent out on the lake just listening to nature's symphony. Red winged blackbirds sitting on cattails making their grinding ker-plunk. Crickets in the long grass creaking away. Fly's just buzzing around on the surface of the water and a bass slipping up to eat his lunch. Good bye fly. Crows cackling over head hoping for some leftover minnows or worms. Wind blowing softly, disurbing the once glass smooth service causing your line to bobble and babble in the water and then you feel the soft tug. Was it a tug or just the wind and water playing games? So you tug back and sure enough. Lunch is on the other line. Or is it? Depends on if you land it! Sure enough, one in the boat! Carry on and cast off again. Process repeating until the sun slips behind the trees. Now you hear the swamp frogs peeping, maybe a bull frog in the mud and a few ducks slip into the water from their hiding place in the cattails. You can see them swimming on the other side of the little lake. Okay, maybe not the ducks but you can see their little v-shaped duck wake they leave behind. The mosquitoes are out full force now but there is still plenty of dusk light left to cast out a few more times hoping for one or two more fish. Your stomach is growling. What a beautiful, wonderful day spent out on the lake fishing. Time to go in for your freshly caught dinner and two or three more for the freezer at home. Another fabulous day fabulously spent out on the water enjoying God's creation. Yes, that was a day well spent and not ever forgotten.

Yes, I will have those days again, once the kids are older and I can introduce them to the wonderful world of fishing!
I can't wait!

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