Saturday, May 5, 2012

Result of Fish Fry Friday

The powerhouse ingredients for an amazing - and I mean amazing!- fish breading! Sometimes simple is more important when preparing some dishes. I tried for years trying to find a decent crispy breading and I honestly think that the secret weapon is bread crumbs or panko. Either one would get you the same result.

All I did was use about a cup of flour to about a cup, maybe cup and a half of the bread crumbs, added some salt and pepper and there ya go! I put the fish filet into an egg wash of 2 eggs to a cup of water first, then put them into the breading and fried in coconut oil. 

Last night was the very first time I fried fish in coconut oil and it was fabulous. There was absolutely no smoke while frying the fish, I didn't burn the fish and it tasted pure and clean like the fish came out breaded and cooked from a fresh spring lake. 

On the plus side I finally found a dish my daughter absolutely LOVES! She loves fish! I ate 2 and a half huge pollock filets by herself! I gave her half, walked into the kitchen for some napkins and when I came back it was gone and she was asking for more! I guess we will have to have fish more often than just on Friday! 

Well here is the powerhouse breading:

Bread crumbs/panko

Use in whatever amounts look good to you and dip in a wash first to help with coating the filet.

I also will add that this was the first time in my life I have ever bought store-bought bread crumbs. Let's just say it won't be the last because this was the exact texture and flavor I had been looking for in a home made breading!

Happy Cooking!

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