Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Wearing

I finally got the courage up to try out my Moby carrier since I've had surgery. The incisions are still sore as well as the bottom of my rib cage on one side but the Moby doesn't touch or put pressure on any of the incisions! 

It seems to be the cure for my colicky baby! She nursed while in the carrier and fell right asleep and here I am typing while my previously fussy baby sleeps in front of me. Now I just have to finish dinner! Ah, silence is pleasing to my ears! 

I also found that with this soft style carrier that it doesn't put pressure on my shoulders like the other baby carriers do so I know I will be able to wear this a bit longer than other carriers. I will probably switch to batik cloth this summer as it's lighter although I am concerned it might put too much pressure on my shoulders. We shall see! 

My little baby LOVES this carrier too. I'm so thankful I bought it and decided to give it another try! Whew! 

I'm in love with babywearing. It just feels so natural. Later this summer as my baby gets bigger I'd also like to try some of the back carries too. 

Being a mom is fabulous, plus learning new tricks is fun! Kids are great teachers!


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  1. I can't wait to see the kiddos on Sunday!! :D and to claim Ivana right away :D